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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Post-Secondary Institutions are accepted for funding? 

A: Within the list of “Designated Educational Institutions” provided by the government in Canada, we will only sponsor public institutions which are listed as a Junior College or University. For a full list of schools click here.  

Q: When should I submit my application?

A: The optimal time to send an application is as soon as possible within the application intake starts. The other documentation can be sent as they become available. If you are not able to submit all documentation before the application deadline please include the dates when you are able to submit them. Example: University X student course registration will start mid-August, I will send my registration after this date.

Q: How many courses do I need to be considered as a full-time student?

A: Full-time students would be enrolled in 9 credits in total, the amount of credits a course is worth is defined by the Post-Secondary institution. Example: University X considers 1 course equals 3 credits, therefore 3 courses = 9 credits.  


Q: What is “Maintenance”?

Maintenance means a living allowance that is deposited into your account on a monthly basis.


Q: When will I hear back from the School Board about my application for funding? 

A: After the deadline for funding has passed (June 30th for Fall/Winter and February 28th for Spring/Summer) the School Board will meet and review the applicants. The Post-Secondary Clerk will then inform the students of the Boards decision no later than July 15th or March 15th (or earlier).  


Q: How do I appeal a decision about my funding? 

A: The appeal process is outlined and explained in the PS student handbook (Number 11.) 

The process starts with an appeal letter in writing to the Post-Secondary Specialist from the student and any supporting documentation to explain why the appeal is valid. The appeal must be submitted 30 days after the decision has been made. Within 10 working days of receiving the appeal letter, the committee will review and contact the student if need be. After the Board meeting, within two working days (or earlier) the board’s decision will be passed on to the student.   

Q: Do I need a CIBC account for my funding deposits?

A: Students can have their funds deposited into any bank they choose, not just CIBC anymore!

Q: When will I receive my living allowance, books/supplies, and travel allowance?

A: The allowances you qualify for will be deposited on the 25th of every month, if the 25th falls on the weekend or holiday it will be deposited on the Friday. If you want an overview of the payments this year check it out at the "Funding Deposit Schedule"! 


Q: When will I need to send an official transcript to the School Board Office?

A: In the Fall/Winter term students can send in an unofficial transcript at the end of the first term (Sept-Dec). The unofficial transcripts need to be submitted by January 20th for continuous funding payments. At the end of the second term (Jan-April) students need to send an official transcript as soon as possible. Most Colleges and Universities allow students to pre-order transcripts to be sent when the final grades are submitted.


Q: I would like to transfer from one institution to another, what do I have to do? 

A: Inform the school board of your plans of transferring as soon as possible. Contact the institution that you would like to transfer to and arrange a meeting with one of their advisers. Check the BC transfer guide website to see which courses transfer from your institution to the new institution. Update the school board on how the process is going and ask for assistance if need be. 


Q: I would like to drop a course, what do I have to do? 

A: Inform the school board of your plans of dropping as soon as possible. Contact your institution and arrange a meeting with one of their advisers to talk over options. Update the school board on how the process is going and ask for assistance if need be. Depending on your situation you may have to pay the course fees and other funding payments to the School Board. 


Trades Funding Please Contact Cliff Starr: Mid-Coast First Nations Training Society

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