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Heiltsuk Nation Entities:


Looking for more information?
If you are interested in more information regarding potential jobs or opportunities within Bella Bella please see the links below: 

Heiltsuk Tribal Council (HTC) 

Within the website, you can find information on the Band Office, Municipal Department, Social Development, Justice Department, and HIRMD.

Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD)

HIRMD was established as an integrated approach to stewardship and decision-making related to land, water, and cultural resources within Heiltsuk Territory. By providing technical advice to the Heiltsuk Tribal Council (HTC), HIRMD is responsible for land and marine use planning, managing the land and fisheries programs, implementing forestry initiatives, implementing the Reconciliation Protocol Agreement and other related agreements, and the protection of Heiltsuk culture and heritage. 

Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) 

HEDC oversees the key community services in Bella Bella such as freight, the Band and Liquor store, the Post Office, cable and internet services, and fuel at arm’s length from the political leadership of the Heiltsuk people. As well we hold timber harvesting rights for the Heiltsuk and operate a successful forestry business harvesting timber and reforestation activities.

Bella Bella Community School (BBCS) 

Bella Bella Community School offers a full K-12 program whereby students can earn a Dogwood diploma qualifying them to gain entrance to any post-secondary institution. 

Mid Coast First Nations Training Society (MCFNTS) 

MCFNTS will manage and provide programs and services such as employment and career counseling, purchasing of institutional training, wage subsidies, work experience projects, and workplace-based training as approved by each member nation’s Board of Directors representatives.

Heiltsuk Cultural Education Center (HCEC) 

The Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre is located inside the Bella Bella Community School building, next to the library. Subjects of interest inside the Cultural Centre include a small Heiltsuk exhibit on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum, a large collection of historical photographs,

Heiltsuk Heath Center (HHC) 

The Heiltsuk Health Centre has a vision for a healthy community that respects equality and diversity. Together we will seek opportunities to improve the health of our people.

Qq's Projects Society 

Qqs Projects Society is a Heiltsuk First Nation nonprofit organization supporting youth, culture, and environment. 

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