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Student Handbook & Tool Kit:

Handbook Overview
This handbook was created to help answer some of your questions and to prepare you for the next step in your journey. The contents of this handbook reflect on the concerns and struggles of Indigenous students who are currently enrolled in, or have graduated from a post-secondary institution.

The handbook covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • finding suitable childcare in an urban setting

  • accessing affordable housing

  • meeting new people in an unfamiliar city

This handbook is meant to serve as a living, dynamic document for you to build upon. It’s important to note that while your initial goals may change over time, this process is a strong starting point from which you’ll be able to embark in many different directions. All the information is current as of May 2010 and through your own exploration, you may find new related links or resources that will be beneficial throughout your journey.


To use this handbook most effectively 


Consider where you’re at today. If you’re thinking of pursuing a degree or diploma at a public post-secondary institution but you aren’t sure what program you’d like to take, you will likely do well to start at Stepping Stone 1. If you already know what program you’d like to take and/or you have already figured out which institution you’d like to attend, you might want to skip the first stepping stone and start partway into Stepping Stone 2 with “Connecting with the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Coordinators”.


If you have already completed your application but are just looking for more information on the transition, you might want to jump right over to Stepping Stone 3 – Preparing for the Transition from an IAHLA Institute to a Public Post-Secondary Institution (PPSI).


If at any point in your journey, you feel unsure or lost, consider going back to Stepping Stone 1 and “Identifying Your Strengths”. It’s always nice to be reminded of the gifts you have, especially in hard times – and it can help you feel more confident in yourself and the decisions you are making.


Check out the External Awards Page for Student Award Opportunities

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