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Importance of the Student Handbook:


It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand the requirements of being a funded Post-Secondary student. Within the Student Handbook, students can fully understand the important deadlines for funding, the documentation requirements for a complete application, the appeals process, and the student categories. All of this information is necessary for a successful smooth educational journey with the team at the School Board.


If there are any questions regarding the handbook check out the Frequently asked questions page and feel free to contact Jaimie Teagle for further information.

Applications for Funding: 


Fall/Winter Term Funding (September to April):

We will be accepting applications starting  April 1st and the deadline for applications is June 30th.

Spring/Summer Term Funding (May to August):

We will be accepting applications starting December 1st and the deadline for applications is February 28th.

Required Documentation for a complete application:

  1. Updated application form (in full) 

  2. Copy of your acceptance letter from the college/university or training institute (first year only)

  3. Copy of your registration of courses from the college/university or training institute 

  4. Copy of your last report card or official transcript (from the previous semester) 

  5. Two letters of reference from teachers, principals, employers, etc. (first-time applicants) 

  6. A written/typed summary of your educational goals or future career plans (one-page maximum)


Information release form:  

This is giving your permission to BBCSS to communicate to your Post-Secondary institution. NOTE: Students will still need to request an official transcript at the end of term! 

Authorization for Post-Secondary Students Direct Deposit: 

Please have your Direct Deposit form in at least two weeks before the funding deposit date. If your direct deposit information isn't submitted your allowances will be made by cheque and mailed to the address listed within the application form. 

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